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About Us

Supernatural Hair Care is a Certified Women Owned & Minority Owned Business established in March, 2018. SHC was started when we realized how much women needed to be empowered to see the beauty in their unique design. It's a process for us to fully embrace and discover who we are, so we created a 5 Part System to help.


 We use natural ingredients in our products because we cater to natural hair. We know hair flourishes under the right conditions so we make sure to offer nothing but the best. 

We work with some of the best designers in our community to curate hair accessories and t-shirts to symbolize the movement.

5 Part System

Part I

Detox: Before you are able to maintain the new, the old must go.

Toxic chemicals, thoughts, behaviors, people, practices need an eviction notice from your lifestyle.

Part II

Remedy: This phase is powerful. Damage is being restored. A healthy foundation to build upon is established.

Part III

Nourish: This is the part you water the seed that was planted. Who you are is being defined and made stronger.

Part IV

Grow: You finally reap the fruits of your labor. You relinquish the urge to control everything & start to trust the supernatural work within you.

Part V

Rest: You’ve labored to enter into rest. Reflection is done properly at rest. Here is where you see yourself as God sees you.

Enjoy the journey. I'm excited for your supernatural experience.

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